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Many thanks to my dear friends who have contributed information to this site, especially Eric Edmonds, whose talented photography graces many of the pages.  And Stephanie McCaull's picture of a March sunrise is a treasure.

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"We" is me - Mimi - someone who was once new to town and knew very little about the Upper Valley.  Now, having lived in Hanover (Etna, actually) for almost 8 years, I am enthusiastic about the area and want to share all that it has to offer with others that are moving to, living in or visiting our town, our neighbor town across the river, Norwich, VT, or other surrounding communities. 

To a large degree, the content of this website represents my personal experiences since coming to Hanover.  Among my close friends and me, we have been to nearly every restaurant in the Upper Valley, tried out every sport possible, and our children have attended a great number of the summer camps, sports programs and art classes listed in this site. 
We invite newcomers to join this warm, welcoming community and to let WelcomeToHanover be your resource and guidebook.  Our goal is to quickly orient you to the area, get you settled in comfortably and get you busy learning about, and engaging in, the wonderful activities this  beautiful area of New England has to offer.

Mimi Lichtenstein

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