Advertising with accepts select advertisements, allowing you to associate your product or company with in an effective and meaningful way.  Ad spaces are available on the main calendar page and relevant pages and are priced on a monthly basis.  For information about pricing and availability please contact us through the site's contact page or email  If you would like your event, product or business included on the site, we are happy to do so, as long as it is in line with our mission of being relevant to people living in the Upper Valley.

Acceptance Criteria

As the site owner, I have sole discretion over the products and companies allowed to advertise on  I do consider the following factors when determining the suitability of proposed advertising, and wish to promote:

  • Products or services that are local to the Upper Valley
  • Products or services that enhance the experience of living in or visiting the Upper Valley
  • Products or services that would be relevant to residents living in the Upper Valley
Advertising on is limited by design - availability of advertising space is not guaranteed.  Revenues received from advertising placed on this site are used to defray the costs of building, hosting and promoting this site.

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